Gin – My Lyrical Expression

After years of dominating the music industry as an artist and a booking executive, west coast rap sensation “Gin” is ready to deliver her latest compilation. Her new EP, “My Lyrical Expression” is the first of several projects she’s planning on releasing this year.

This EP is a collection of material that Gin has been working on for several months. Her fans will get the same raw transparent lyrics that they’re accustomed to, with a new sound that is conducive to today’ s west coast rap. The EP also includes the highly anticipated single “Outta My Head”. This track talks about Gin’s quest for honesty in a romantic relationship and even features the music of NCIS actor, Patrick Antonian.

In addition to being an artist, Gin also, has a strong reputation as an executive through her company, GS Bookings. Her agency has helped countless artists and legends such as Ras Kass, advance their music career as well as her own.

When asked for her response about the recent buzz surrounding her new music, Gin had this to say, “I have never been more excited to release a new project. This music is an expression of the deepest part of me. The songs have helped me process my emotions, and I really appreciate that the listeners can relate so well.”

Gin is a busy lady, aside from music she is also a college professor, a business owner, and an author. All of this is a lot for one woman to handle, but Gin says that after everything she has accomplished, her music brings her the most joy.

Hystory is a hip hop artist from the southeast side of Chicago

Hystory is a hip hop artist from the southeast side of Chicago, trying to make a name for himself in St. Louis. After an amazing response to his debut mixtape “TwoWeeks Notice” released in late 2010, Hystory began work on craftinghis latest offering Papers N Pipes: Puerto Rico Dreamin, whichdropped on April 20th, 2012.

His first single off the tape, “Bumpin In My Ride” shows Hystory withhis ‘Step Or Get Left’ fam riding through his hometown, and lettingpeople know he likes his music loud!Grab Hystory’s latest mixtape at andkeep an ear to the streets, Hystory’s got next!

@flux9ine, @hystory_stl @pwrdby_AMAS #History