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‘Top notch bars and beats’
‘Big track with an awesome video’
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‘Such an infectious track that bangs’
‘Heavyweight music with an epic visual’

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72thesign – Sign Language EP (Free Download EP) @72thesign

Growing up in the streets of Brixton, South London. Recording artist and performer 72thesign grew up as a first generation Hip-Hop head. Spending his youth being influenced by Hip-Hop culture in London’s covent Garden around crews such as London Allstars and Live To Break. His passion for Hip-Hop was second to none and it wasn’t long before he picked he the pen and started writing rhymes. Back in the 1990’s after a successful hip hop dance tour with BAD To The Bone and featured on a few underground projects.

After a break 72thesign is back with a full catalogue of sharp darts and a new raw energy that can be felt in every punch-line. With a style that pays homage to the real essence of rap music, 72thesign is aiming to be the pinnacle of a new sound that is probably best described as retro Hip-Hop with a current and relevant flavour. His focus is on the science of verbal delivery, lyrics, metaphors rather than the current ‘trap’ or ‘gangster’ styles. This is real Hip-Hop, this is 72thesign.

72thesign has been hard on his grind playing live shows and open mics and has featured on numerous mixtapes including 7th sign presents “the fieldz of terror” as well as features on US albums from Verbal Godz from Indiana, Paul Lipsey from New York and Rediculus from Chicago. Now with his full official debut release ‘Sign Language EP’, things look bright as he already has a further two releases planned to drop in 2013 and is he is currently number one on the Reverb Nation chart for hip hop in Cambridgeshire/Peterborough.

Track Listing

01 – The Blues Master Feat. Scrilla MC (Prod. by Kingpin NineOhFive Elements)
02 – No Inbetween (Prod. by B. Eye)
03 – They Don’t Know (Prod. by Emef Productions)
04 – Unclassified Feat. Yeddiyah Ben Sion from Verbal Godz (Prod. by Apoka Underground)
05 – This Is Worth Dying (Prod. by Guardian Recordings)
06 – Hip-Hop Soilder Feat. Big Dutty Deeze (Prod. by Kingpin NineOhFive Elements)
07 – No Inbetween Remix (Prod. by by B. Eye)
08 – Bonus Track – Broken Feat. Genie from 480 Collective (Prod. by Eric walden)

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72thesign – No Inbetween (Music Video)