Big Dutty Deeze ‘Almost Famous’ #Album @BigDuttyDeeze @ParkStreetPR

Big Dutty Deeze is a talented songwriter & performer who is currently making serious waves in the Hip-Hop industry. His debut album ‘The English Gentleman’ produced by Rediculus dropped last year on Chicago based label Knowledge Giving Birth and featured US rapper Ruste Juxx. This was then followed by his second album ‘The Underdog’ which dropped earlier this year and featured Genesis Elijah, Blizzard, Supar Novar and more, with production from the likes of Deadman Walkn, Bizniz Beats, Lost Alliance and more. Big Dutty Deeze is a rapper with hard work ethic and in the last twelve months he has shared stages with New York’s Koncept & J57 from Brown Bag Allstars, as well as UK acts such as Rodney P, Ty, Black Twang, Mystro, Moorish Delta 7, Klashnekoff, Iron Braydz, Kyza, and more. Big Dutty Deeze is an artist that is building a strong fan base with over twenty thousand followers on Twitter and with a string of music videos, video interviews & freestyles he has collectively clocked over 150,000 views on You Tube.

Now he teams up with producer Tricksta for his third album ‘Almost Famous’, a collection of fifteen tracks made over the last year with features from Don’t Flop Champion and Poisonous Poet Tony D, Tenny Tenn aka 10Shott and London rhymer Non Applicable as well as Wolverhampton based vocalists Sandawana and Wanda. It’s a diverse collection of music that isn’t rooted to one style. The belief in the fact that an album should show different textures of an artist is really displayed here, with songs concepts ranging from everyday struggles, relationships and life issues, to more political deeper cuts as well as some straight up Hip-Hop bangers. Tricksta is known producer in the UK scene, with a string of albums under his belt from 1999 onwards, but here he pulls something new out of the bag, remaining true to the essence of Hip-Hop but with a twist and edge that makes the album relevant and current.

Big Dutty Deeze ‘Almost Famous’ (Track-listing):

01 – Big Dutty
02 – Work Hard Play Hard
03 – Get Up & Fight Feat. Sandawana
04 – Imagine
05 – Dirty Money Feat. Tony D & Wanda
06 – Girl Of My Dreams
07 – Someone Like You Feat. Sandawana
08 – Rap Stars Feat. Tenny Ten
09 – Nobody Does It Like I Do
10 – Go Nuts
11 – Lord Forgive Me
12 – Comrades
13 – Kill The Beef Feat. Non Applicable
14 – Mad World
15 – Sorrow


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Connect with Tricksta:

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