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Greetings rappers/singers/producers/DJs/designers and all other creatives,

Are you having a hard time learning the music business and/or furthering your career? Head over to WWW.DROPTHER.NET today. This website showcases independent Hip Hop tips, articles, interviews, reviews and more to help indie artists succeed with their careers. From rants and raves to honest feedback, DropTheR.net is a unified source of Hip Hop news and opinions for those who despise the current state of Hip Hop and the direction in which the culture is headed. At the same time, we provide helpful tips and useful information for aspiring musicians with hopes of, ideally, making a change. Voice your beliefs. Get hip (Hop).


Some of you might be wondering why I would give away knowledge that I have acquired through my own blood, sweat, and tears for free. After all, the music business is cut throat and I should keep every advantage that I have. There has to be an angle, and there is…I want to help people help themselves. It’s that simple. The single most reason that I’m sharing my experiences is to give you alternatives to what you are currently doing, and get you out of that traffic jam.

I rarely go a day without a cat selling me a CD, saying that he is the next big thing, and/or talking about how dope of a lyricist they are. Within itself, that’s not a problem because if you believe in what you do and want it you should go and get it; however, because everyone’s doing it the same way there is a bottleneck occurring on the streets right now, which means that no one is getting ahead in the game as fast as they should. Also, because everyone seems to know someone that’s always in the studio recording that platinum hit, the profession of emceeing, through the eyes of the average person, has become the equivalent of playing the lottery…but we know it IS possible. We hope the services provided have been/will continue to be useful to the fans and musicians reading.

*The name “DropTheR” is geared to show love back to the city I represent, Boston, MA and our logo originates from the legendary duo, EPMD. The combination of the two forms the basic backbone of this site: Boston born, global Hip Hop for the avid fan and musician.

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