Rediculus – Memories Over Music Vol 1: Rediculusly Faded #Album @Rediculus @KGB_Productions @ParkStreetPR


01. Portable Cardboard
02. Vapes
03. Road Trip
04. RWB
05. Letting Go
06. Working For A Living
07. The Bar At Little Harlem (Interlude)
08. Star
09. ReMembering
10. Tree And The Gang
11. Memories Over Music
12. Branches
13. ReFreshRate
14. Something To Say Feat. Rich Malone, Dox Boogie, Thom Seever

MP3 Purchase link:

The homies over at Glasshouse Productions have dropped something super ill this week called IN HOUSE. IN HOUSE is a weekly hip hop web series from Rose Glen Entertainment and GlassHouse Productions featuring a different MC every week rocking over a Jon Glass beat at Rose Glen HQ.

Video link:

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