Trademark Blud “Lyrics Are Weapons” @trademarkblud @guttersnipe0121 @parkstreetpr

‘Lyrics Are Weapons’ is the latest single from Trademark Blud; a Midland’s based rapper who is making big waves on the Hip-Hop scene. This energetic lyrical banger is produced by DJ Buzzword and comes with a brilliant music video by Headshock Media and is filmed at Spartan MMA Gym.

Trademark Blud has been performing and recording since 2007 and is known as a lively performer who always gives 100%. He is also known as a battle rapper who is currently battling in the Don’t Flop league as well as being closely involved with the Midland’s biggest rap battle league Spitroast.

As well as being an artist Trademark Blud does all he can to support the Hip-Hop culture & music scene. Weather it’s organizing events, helping to promote his sponsors Fresh Midz Clothing, or interviewing or playing artists music on his radio show ‘The FroShow’ on,

Trademark covers a wide range of issues in his music and aims to open up the listeners mind, talking on various subjects including making steps towards changes in society and life issues by using intricate wordplay.

Trademark Blud is a true lyricist and is standing loud & proud for UK Hip Hop!

Trademark Blud – The Minotaur #Mixtape

For live bookings/battles/drops email:
Check out Trademark Blud’s ‘The FroShow’, Wednesdays 10-11pm on
Check out the Fresh Midz Clothing Label

Connect with Trademark Blud:

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